4/21/20 Penny List

Cordsate Adaptor Display 1ct 864355000166

Premier Finds Snowball Fight indoor 1ct 638688360064

Command Xmas 19 PDQ 2 1ct 638060655702

Premier Finds Spinner Shot 1ct 638688379769

Command 2019 Xmas A PDQ 1ct 638060655306

Premier Finds ice Cubes Light Up 1ct 638688547793

Premier Finds Games Quiz 1ct 638688555774

Premier Finds Maze Gift Card 1ct 638688356388

Premier Finds Hday Novelty Display 4 1ct 430001187149

Bell Howell Vacuum 12V Auto 1ct 843620112469

Premier Finds Flashlight LED Rubber 3ct 810025440657

Premier Finds Flashlight LED GunShell 2ct 810025440664

Premier Finds Flashlight PVGA LED Disp 1ct 810025440640

Premier Finds Multi Tool Deluxe Camo 1ct 810025440688

Premier Finds MultiTool w/LED Camo 1ct 810025440695

Premier Finds MultiTool PVGA Display 1ct 810025440671

Premier Finds Flashlight Nightfire Blk 1ct 810025440626

Premier Finds Flashlight Nightfire Blu ict 810025440633

Premier Finds Flashlight Nightfire Disp 1ct 810025440619

Armor All Car Care GiftBox Kit 1ct 70612784520

3M Mixed Command PDQ 1ct 430001217808

Hardware D Ring large 1ct 430001217808

Hardware Lighter Jet 1ct 854839007231

Novelty Butt Bucket Pashion 1ct 794080403522

DGParty 9in Pate Football 8ct 11179361656

DS Party 7in Plate Football 8ct 11179361649

DG Party Oval Plate Foothall 8ct 11179361687

DG Party Lunch Napkin Football 16ct 11179361625

DG Party.Fball Tbl Cvr Footbal 1ct 11179361632

DG Health Fball Cups Football 8ct 11179361663

DG Health Fball Bowi Football 1ct 11179361700

DG health A1239 fiber Powder w/sugar 10z 83502770183

Monster Energy Green 10.5oz 70847032304

Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise 70847032403

Monster Energy Zero Ultra 10.5oz 70847030416

Hanes 841VTY Plaid Boxer Mens Sz S 2ct 400043372346

TrueLiving F313 Frame Dover Black 5x7-1ct 400043366086

TrUeLiving F700 Frame Slimline 4x6-1ct 400024808796

TrueLiving 5S03 Frame Slimline 8x10-1ct 400030337501

Trueliving LOO92 Filler Blue 1ct 430000601734

TL Essentials LO135 Lamp Copper 1ct 430000653997

TL ESsentials L0131 Shade Pattern 1ct 430000654260

Trueliving F1101 Frame Ryan Walnut 5x7 1ct 642828211161

Mossy Oak Perf BxrBrf Black S 1ct 400002359357

Mossy Oak Boys SS Tee Blue/Org Paint S 1ct 883096358824

Mossy Oak Boys SS Tee Blue/Org Paint M 1ct 883096358831

Mossy Oak Boys SS Tee Blue/Org Paint L 1ct 883096358848


Prestone De-Icer Spray 11oz 52948004824

Prestone De-icer W/Trigger 1 ct 797496659651

Little Hotties Warmer Body 1ct 96506070029

Ice Scraper With Brush 400025393857

Jumper Cables Copper Clad 10ga 12ft 23746900045

Frost King Sheeting Plastic 1ct 42351512009

Duck Brand Window Kit Shrink 3ct 75353080733

Splash Antifreeze gas Line 12oz 73926185298

3lb Firelog Case 41525003138

Frost King Protector Faucet 1ct 400023189629

Frost King Foam Tape Vinyl Seal 1ct 400023227178

Frost King Window Storm Kit 4ct 400023236996

Hot Hands Warmer Hands 2ct 94733075893

True Living Ice Scraper 7in 1ct 400043598326

Hardware Ice Melt Traction 20lb 73841510212

Twin Draft Guard 600606402712

Duck Brand 75353080764

SNow Ball Maker 26753028320

Rebound Driveway Marker 1ct 850735002011

Tekno Products Dual Draft Guard 1ct 648760508246

3M Face Mask Cold Weather 1ct 51141956077

Duck Brand D Seal Large 3/8in - 1ct 75353080245

Shurtech Air Cond Cover 1ea 75353087206

Mainland Trend Frost Cover Windshield 1ct 430000594931

Hardware Jumper Cable 1ct 430000596706

Trueliving Snow Brush Suv w Scraper 1ct 430000596942

Trueliving Ice Scraper w/ brush 1ct 430000596966

As Seen On TV Draft Dodger Two Sided 1ct 600606409018

Fireade Suppressor Fire 10oz 832088005116

Hardware Draft Stopper 36in x 44in 1ct 430000616849

Little Hotties Insole Thermal 1ct 96506072160

Duck Brand Polytape Clear Repair 60ft 75353074091

Little Hotties Warmers Ast 25pc 1ct 96506074201

Little Hotties Therm Insole 4pk 1ct 96506074195

Hardware Draft Stopper Dual 1ct 814387024418

Duck Duct Tape Extreme Weather 1ct 75353308738

Duck Brand Window Kit Shrink 2ct 75353126004

Hardware Snow Brush With Scraper 1cr 430001174262

Hardware Ice Scraper With Brush 1ct 430001174279

Hot Hands Hand Warmers 3ct 94733070669

Little Hotties Hand Warmers Hand BodyDsply 1ct 96506074263

Little Hotties Warmers Display 26pc 1ct 96506074256

Duck Brand Air Deflector Winter 1ct 75353927861

Hardware Blanket USB Sherpa 1ct 430001238827

Duck Brand Duct Tape Camoflage 10yd 400037258274

Colorflame Lighter 1ct 48519157709

Duck Brand Duct Tape Orange 15yd 75353035115

DG Hardware Timer Mechanical 1ct 430000853571

DG Hardware Power Switch Remote Control 1ct 430000853960

Duck Tape Duct Tape PDQ 23ct 1ct 68060655257

DG hardware adaptor Asrtmnt 1ct 430001173951

Premier Finds Back Scratcher 1ct 430001174231

Premier Finds Rolling Massager 1ct 430001174248

Premier Finds Bulk Items PDQ 1ct 430001174255

DG Hardware Extension Cord Flr Tap 9ft 1ct 430001174514

DG Hardware Extension Cord 15ft outdoor 1ct 430001174521

Premier Finds Pack 8 in 1 Survival 1ct 672125065969

Premier Finds Mug XL 1ct 672125065976

Premier Finds Socks Message 2ct 672125065983

Premier Finds PDQ 1 Holiday 1ct 672125065990

Premier Finds Candy Dispenser 1ct 672125066003

Premier Finds Magnet Sculpture 1ct 672125066010

Premier Finds Elf Hat Ringtoss 1ct 672125066027

Premier Finds Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe 1ct 672125066034

Premier Finds Holiday PDQ 2 1ct 672125066041

Premier Finds Zen Garden 1ct 672125066058

Premier Finds Newtons Cradle Mini 1ct 672125066065

Premier Finds Lava Lamp USB 1ct 672125066072

Premier Finds Sumo Stress Ball 1ct 672125066089

Premier Finds Mens Travel Kit 1ct 672125066096

Premier Finds Holiday PDQ2 1ct 672125066102

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surprise penny list live now 12/14

it looks like it was supposed to be last weeks list they got out late the pillows and zatarain's products people have been finding this week for sure but i'm gonna run out, let me know how you do clic