4/28/2020 Penny List

Conair 64501N Rollers SelfGrip-Sm 6ct 400029344954

Wet n Wild Foun 817 CA Light 1ct 77802581716

Wet n Wild Foun 818 CA Light/Medium 1ct 77802581815

Covergirl LStick 035 CC Smokey Rose 1ct 22700574957

Covergirl LStick 540 CC Midnight Mauve 1ct 22700574988

Scunci 67403-A Bobby Pins NoSlip-Blends 48ct |43194674039

Scunci Girl 23064G Pnytail Knotied-Neon 6ct43194230648

Scunci 20837-G Headbands Thin 3ct 43194391387

Scunci 20393-A Headwraps Multi Knotted 5pc 43194203932

Belle-KW103 Headwrap Twisted 1ct J24576226626

Scunci Girl 30282G Polybnd w/Beads 75ct43194302826

Sunci Girl 23381G Elastic w/Twin Beads 10ct 43194233816

DG Body (M) B0216 Razor 3B Cartridge-SFit 2ct 24500302280

DG Body (M) B0217 Razor 3B Cartridge-SFit 5ct 24500302297

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