4/28/2020 Penny List

Conair 64501N Rollers SelfGrip-Sm 6ct 400029344954

Wet n Wild Foun 817 CA Light 1ct 77802581716

Wet n Wild Foun 818 CA Light/Medium 1ct 77802581815

Covergirl LStick 035 CC Smokey Rose 1ct 22700574957

Covergirl LStick 540 CC Midnight Mauve 1ct 22700574988

Scunci 67403-A Bobby Pins NoSlip-Blends 48ct |43194674039

Scunci Girl 23064G Pnytail Knotied-Neon 6ct43194230648

Scunci 20837-G Headbands Thin 3ct 43194391387

Scunci 20393-A Headwraps Multi Knotted 5pc 43194203932

Belle-KW103 Headwrap Twisted 1ct J24576226626

Scunci Girl 30282G Polybnd w/Beads 75ct43194302826

Sunci Girl 23381G Elastic w/Twin Beads 10ct 43194233816

DG Body (M) B0216 Razor 3B Cartridge-SFit 2ct 24500302280

DG Body (M) B0217 Razor 3B Cartridge-SFit 5ct 24500302297

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surprise penny list live now 12/14

it looks like it was supposed to be last weeks list they got out late the pillows and zatarain's products people have been finding this week for sure but i'm gonna run out, let me know how you do clic